Coloured Concrete

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Coloured Concrete in Craigieburn, Sunbury and Tullamarine

The concrete pigment is one of the groundbreaking developments that have taken place in the field of construction as it turns the plain grey concrete into a colourful and interesting material with a wide scope of use in internal and external concrete applications.
We have assisted builders, engineers, architects, interior designers, landscaping companies, and property owners across northern suburbs of Melbourne in beautifying the residential and commercial spaces with the coloured concrete surfaces.

How is Coloured Concrete made?

Concrete can be coloured in two different methods, both of which, have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Integral Colouring: In this method, the colourant is added to the entire concrete before pouring.
2. Surface Colouring: In this method, the colourant is added to the concrete surface once it is poured.

We choose the right colouring method for every project after considering the end use of the concrete surface as well as design and finish expected by the customer.

Why is Coloured Concrete preferred?

Getting a pathway in your backyard or a stoop leading to your porch constructed with the coloured concrete gives you the freedom to use your imagination and add a style statement to your home.

You can even opt for two or more colours for a coloured concrete surface to achieve the unique and spellbinding patterns and textures. The colour of the concrete surface can also be matched to the colours of the structural elements of your house and landscape.

Reliable Coloured Concrete Contractors in Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

We have built a variety of coloured concrete surfaces, for example, sidewalks, decks, kitchen countertops and much more under varied time and budget limits. We have even constructed coloured concrete retaining walls in Sunbury, Tullamarine and Craigieburn. Our tradesmen seal the surface properly to protect it from environment and dirt and expand its longevity.

If the materials used don’t meet the required quality standards or if the process is carried out incompetently, the colour can fade or peel off quickly. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the reliable concrete contractors for your coloured concrete needs in Melbourne.